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Betty Bailey

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Outreach Worker - Jane & Finch

Paul Bartley

For most of his life, Paul has been working and serving youth in some capacity in the community in which he lives. It is his goal to partner with youth and help them reach their full life potential.

As a Community Youth Mentor, Paul runs two programs in the Jane-Finch area to reach out to the youth, and also focus on dedicated one-on-one mentoring time. Iron Fruits is a fitness mentoring program that teaches character skills through the discipline of fitness. There is also the Hoop 2 Hope basketball program, which has over 60 young men attending on Friday and Saturday nights. Through this program, boys are ushered along their journey to manhood, by mentoring, field trips, and sports activities.

Volunteer Leader - Flemingdon Park

Mike Fischhoff

Mike worked for the Scott mission for seven years in their child, youth, and camp department with low income people in a fast-paced environment. He currently works as team lead for MoveIn.

MoveIn hopes to see Christians move into low-income, unreached, urban centers of our world. He also serves as volunteer coordinator for the Flemingdon community programs that have been running for the last six years where he lives with his wife Felicia and newborn baby Judah.

Outreach Worker - Willowdale

Jesse James

When I first began as a community developer and youth worker in Willowdale I saw great potential, and great need. Both are a part of every community. However, the disparity here is pronounced. So we work together to: Share our Journeys. Foster Peace. Increase Wholeness. Develop Community. Now, 5+ years into my journey with remarkable people in Willowdale, I can see new depths to the complex community I observed at the start. In realizing our Potential, we face new challenges. In meeting a Need, we work together.In Collaboration, we grow in relationship. In Sharing Life, we uncover more potential. I've seen God do remarkable things like develop local ownership, work out reconciliation, and foster leadership. Here, I get to see God move the Willowdale community through a journey of transformation.

Community Development

Jennifer Johnson

I have been called to serve residents in the Jane-Finch community, youth and adults alike, by empowering them. Our work involves the development of people through building skills, capacity and leadership. We currently work in the Toronto Community Housing neighborhood of Shoreham Court, however, this support extends beyond the community as young people tend to flow in from nearby neighborhoods. The goal of our development work is to assist youth and adults in leading positive transformation in their community that becomes self-sustainable.

Outreach Worker - Willowdale

Clement Lee

Clement combines his passions for youth ministry and cycling as a Community Outreach Worker for Revolution(s). He sees the Earn-a-Bike program as an ideal way to connect with unchurched youth in the community and to help them discover and develop the skills and passions that God has blessed them with. At the end of the Earn-a-Bike program, the teens leave with their very own BMX bike that they built up on their own. Clement was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He has been a stay-at home-dad for the past 12 years for his two boys. He and his wife Koon Wah have been married for 17 years and have lived in North York the entire time. Prior to being a full time dad, Clement graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and a Diploma of Christian Studies from Tyndale Seminary.

Outreach Worker - Jane & Finch

Vanessa Mitchell

Upon the return from a mission trip to Haiti, Vanessa knew it was time to answer God's calling and step out in faith to do full time ministry. In 2011, Vanessa joined the Youth Unlimited Toronto team as the Jane-Finch Community Youth Outreach Worker and Program Leader for the Create and Believe program. The Create & Believe program empowers young women to find an outlet through the arts and shape their communities in a positive way. Each Tuesday, the C&B group gather together generating a safe space where they have the opportunity to discover, explore and express themselves creatively while instilling confidence. C&B is also a place where the girls learn about a God who loves and cherish them. Growing up in a similar community as Jane-finch, Vanessa relates to many of the adversities that many of these girls face. During her early adolescent years she found herself constantly searching for her identity in the mist of overcoming the negative stigmas that so often plagued her community. Fortunately, Vanessa discovered God's love and her passion for the arts during these pivotal years of change and found her voice. Vanessa is a passionate missionary, artist and youth worker. She believes strongly about proactively investing in the lives of our youth to rise up Godly young women and men who desire to be the hands and feet of Christ to others.

Outreach Worker - Jane & Finch

Ben Osei

Ben Osei is driven by a divine call and genuine passion to serve the youth in Toronto, Ontario. With over twelve years experience of youth outreach, and a Masters of Divinity from Acadia Divinity College, Ben is a leader and role model for the youths in Jane-Finch Toronto. He coaches them to build character and achieve their personal goals by building genuine relationships with the youth. Ben is part of the Jane Finch Church Coalition: a network of churches and organizations that have joined to meet the needs of at-risk youth in Jane-Finch Toronto. Ten churches and three supporting organizations provide a range of programs for youth of different ages around Jane and Finch. These after-school homework clubs, sports programs and summer camps engage the youth with fun, while also providing the opportunity for Ben and other leaders to build life-changing relationships with the youth. Ben is employed by Youth Unlimited, and is supported by community members like you.

Jane & Finch Community Development Coordinator

Judith Otto

Judith works as a Community Development Coordinator in the Jane-Finch area. Most of Judith's work experience has extensively been with non-profit organizations. She uses her love of helping youth and community members flourish, to best respond to her role. Judith is of a Jamaican heritage, but grew up from a toddler age in Mississauga, Ontario before moving to the east end of the GTA in Scarborough as a teenager. Different personal experiences as a teenager helped shaped her desire to make things better for young people right into her adulthood. She went onto complete her BA in Social Sciences and obtained a Master's degree in Education where she could apply her knowledge working with and for youth in various communities. Judith believes Community Development is best accomplished when networking with community residents, organizations, businesses, service agencies and caring individuals who want to engage Jane-Finch, making for an overall better and healthier community.

Team Manager

Karen Robinson-Joseph

Karen Joseph has worked for Youth Unlimited in Toronto since 2004. She has her BFA in dance and her MDiv in Youth and Family Ministries. She is also ordained through the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. At Youth Unlimited she spent 5 years working on the Light Patrol team as a street outreach worker walking alongside homeless youth as well as young men and women involved in the sex trade. She also began an arts initiative and a small group of folks interested in exploring the Christian faith. She then started an after-school arts program for young women in the Jane Finch community now called Create & Believe. She was also involved in the early planning and initiating of the Community Development project in Jane Finch. In the fall of 2014, she took on the role of North York Team Manager where she serves as senior supervisor, shepherd and manager of the North York staff team. Karen Joseph serves as the North York Team Manager. In this role she supervises and shepherds the North York Staff Team and manages the team as a whole.

Outreach Worker - Downsview

Scott Veals

I have worked with Youth Unlimited since 1999, and feel that I am currently in the midst of the deepest connection with youth that I've ever had! Five years ago my role changed to include the Downsview area, as God opened up amazing opportunities in 3 local schools and 2 churches, with especially the partnership with Downsview Baptist Church (pictured above) bearing much fruit through an after school program. I also oversee the Downsview Indoor Soccer Outreach and the Rexdale Road Hockey outreach. For 5 years, I have been with a core group of 10+ youth, with most of these attending Rexdale Alliance Church's youth group...and with some attending church regularly also!

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